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  Character Development Workshop


This demanding 12-week acting class allows students the opportunity to develop concrete, in-depth scenes and monologues.  This workshop also utilizes improvisation to develop in-the-moment acting skills and touches upon the nuts and bolts of the business.  It culminates in a dynamic Industry Night Showcase.

  Adilah Barnes, an award-winning stage actor, has over 40 years of acting experience.  Although best-known to television audiences for her role as Anne Marie on ABC’s Roseanne for five seasons, her recent television credits include CBS’ Cold Case and award winning films Erin Brockovich and HBO’s Iron Jawed Angels. Her past roster of working actors includes Toni Braxton (Kevin Hill), Jada Pinkett-Smith (Reign Over Me), Benjamin Bratt (Law and Order), Florence LaRue (5th Dimensions) Lauren Lane (The Nanny) Kym Whitley (College Road Trip) and Don “DC” Curry (Next Friday) among many others.

Not only have I always admired Adilah’s performing abilities, but I’ve come to respect and value her teachings as well.  Her spirit is energetic and nurturing and I am lucky to have had her as a guide and friend.”Toni Braxton Adilah is intense…she’s not easy…but she never gives up on you and pulls out your best.” – Kym Whitley “A journey can be not so bad and even enjoyable if you have good directions.  Adilah has given those directions to many of us.  Thanks to Adilah for navigating ahead of us and reaching back to share the map that she’s constructed with the experience she’s accumulated.  – Don “DC” Curry
“(Adilah is ) helping to make me a better actress.” Florence LaRue (5th Dimensions)


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  If so…

  Let’s Get YOUR Show On The Road!

This popular return intensive, Let’s Get YOUR Show On The Road! will now offer a 4 - week session to allow more hands on, in class time to move the solo artist from the stage to the road. It will focus on assessing if you are ready to tour, identifying your market, how to get a booking manager and/or booking agent, how to represent yourself in the marketplace, how to effectively use limited showcase time at conferences, how to create an appealing booth, creating a professional press packet, pitching your show, packaging your show to create residencies, creating a compelling demotape, negotiating a contract and rider, setting fees, how to tech quickly and efficiently, how to establish and build relationships with presenters, joining booking organizations, how to use local press, and much, much more!


Adilah Barnes, an award-winning actor of stage, television and film, has toured her international historical show, “I Am That I Am: Woman, Black” for 19 years in three continents (US/Caribbean, Africa and Europe) and some 40 U.S. states. Her many television and film credits include ABC’s new hit show The Middle, five seasons on Roseanne, Cold Case and the award-winning Erin Brockovich. She is Co-Founder of the Los Angeles Women’s Theatre Festival that has produced over 400 solo artists from around the globe. Barnes has taught solo writing and acting workshops and directed solo shows. She is owner of The Writer’s Retreat, an international  literary retreat for women in the Atlanta area and her book ON MY OWN TERMS One Actor’s Journey, was released in December, 2008. It has been named Essence Magazine #3 Bestseller, AUTHOR’S SPOTLIGHT for Xlibris Publishing, and received an 2009 African American Literary Award nomination.  It has already traveled nationwide and abroad to Holland including 7 U.S. states for 26 book signings and 2 book clubs.



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