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From P



Adilah...I made a promise to read up on some of the POWERFUL WOMEN you portrayed....and how beautifully done! Kudos to YOU!

Ruya had no knowledge of any....amazing how history is told depending on where you come from. I knew of almost all of them, but felt ignorant that I did not know all of them and who exactly they were and what role they played in history.

Thank you for your Brilliance, Talent and Your Gift of Enlightenment.



From Deirdre


I always thought you were thorough but this confirms all!! This is a website to die for!! (let me take a step back and learn) :) You are beyond words!! I immensely enjoyed reading and getting inspired by all you do and have to offer. Adilah, for you, there's no where to go but UP!!! This is why you stay so healthy and vibrant in my mind. I do love you for who you are and what you stand for which as you stated is your article, A WOMAN OF INTEGRITY!!!!  This business changes, but over the last 14 years of knowing you, you have remained steadfast in your beliefs only changing from experiences and growing with the knowledge that's gained by living life to it's fullest. I am and will always be a fan. Many continued blessings to you girl!!! I only wonder what this industry would be like with more yous!!! 

Love always 



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