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(Los Angeles, Calif.) - "Connecting the Inner Dots," a 12-week writing workshop is being offered by award-winning actor Adilah Barnes, Co-founder of the Los Angeles Women's Theatre Festival (LAWTF) Wednesdays from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. in North Hollywood beginning October 1, 2003. 

Barnes developed "Connecting the Inner Dots" in 2003 as part of Wisdom Wednesdays, a series of workshops offered by the LAWTF to support performers in the development of their original works. "This educational arm of the LAWTF is one program that sustains us throughout the year. It represents a microcosm of the mission of the LAWTF, which supports ethnically diverse, solo female performers. For our Tenth Anniversary this past March, we provided an evening for our students in our classes to perform "home grown" pieces during our Milestone Monday series" states Barnes. 

"Connecting the Inner Dots" is tailored for solo performers, artists wanting to develop solo pieces and individuals just wanting to release personal stories. On the one extreme, there is a professional CPA trying to find another form of expression. Barnes, who developed her own nationally touring one-woman show, I Am That I Am Woman: Black, combines unusual methods and her own unique techniques for "bringing out the story" in each student. Writing exercises such as one where students lay on the floor with eyes closed and are guided through a sensory exercise by Barnes allows them to associate each sense with a particular time in childhood. "That exercise opened the door for two students who have now found the subject they want to develop for their solo shows. As actors, I believe that our childhood memories are a rich source for any emotions we wish to access, as well as for any stories we want to tell as writers," says Barnes.

LAWTF's current Level 2 writing class is being taught by Che'Rae Adams. Her students will present their works in progress on September 17th and 24th to invited audiences. Workshops are kept small to accommodate the needs of students. Interesting to note, the two current writing classes somewhat reflect the individual ethnic diversity of the instructors. Barnes states about facilitating this workshop, "What's nice is to be able to cross over to teach a writing class. I've really come full circle from my childhood desire to teach English. Teaching a writing class necessitates having a command of the English language

One of Barnes' students is Ella Joyce, of the popular television series, "Roc." She is among a small group of students who have begun developing their voices through the pen and has found this writing class to be a safe environment in which to "play." "How wonderful to have found a safe place to call home. The workshop has become that for me -- a safe place to create and grow. Adilah is truly a gifted peer, who is able to share her gifts, and to inspire and stimulate others to explore their inner writing talents. I think she performed a minor miracle on me," states Joyce. As Barnes likes to say, "They are now connecting their dots." 

Her one-woman show, "I Am That I Am: Woman, Black has toured throughout the United States in 35 states, coast to coast from Alaska to Maine and California to Florida. In 2000, Barnes received international acclaim in the Rotterdam Fabrikaat Festival in Holland and last year toured the British Virgin Islands. She is also writing a solo show on the life of her mother called "Just Call Her a Woman of the Soil." She is also currently completing her first book, On My Own Terms: One Actor's Journey (slated for release by 2004).

"Connecting the Inner Dots" starts a new 12-week series beginning October 1, 2000. Interested students should call (818) 760-0408.

For more information and to register, contact the Los Angeles Women's Theatre Festival office at (818) 760-0408. 

For information about Adilah Barnes log onto or contact Allison Queen at (310) 674-1776.


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