Chapter Thirteen: Remember To Dance, Dance, Dance Like Nobody's Watching


     My maiden airing was set for just after midnight Pacific Standard Time. I had a splitting headache from the stress of the taping day. I did not want to listen to my show that way. I knew it would be in rotation to air again and again and I was prepared to catch it another time.

     However, Ted called to make sure I would be listening to my debut airing. I tried to get out of listening. I said, “Ted, I’ve got a headache. I will listen another time” but Ted insisted I tune in.

     I finally agreed.

     To make myself more comfortable in my bedroom, I laid on the floor in total darkness with an ice pack on my forehead. Light of any kind during a migraine headache makes my head ache even more. I learned ice shrinks the vessels, helping to alleviate the headache sooner, so I had my ice pack in place.

     I watched the clock.

     Finally, I heard Nina’s voice as she began singing Here Comes The Sun. There was no mistaking it, my show was about to air for the first time. I felt both excitement and  trepidation.

     Also, my head was still throbbing.

     My voice was about to go over the internet waves to 143 countries around the world.

     Despite my fears, I began to listen. Nina’s uplifting voice with that distinctive piano behind her, began to soothe me. First, I was struck by the beauty of the show’s opening theme song. I somehow felt protected having Nina part of my show. She felt like my guardian angel and I began to relax even more.

     Then I heard my open.

     It went, “Greetings! This is Adilah Barnes. Welcome to my show, Adilah on the Blakeradio Network, Rainbow Soul, Channel 5, where we will get up close with our guests. Before I introduce you to our special, special guest today, I’d like to share with you my thought for the day.”

     I listened.

     This is where I had botched my intro the first time. Through the magic of technology, Neil had seamlessly edited out my blooper. I listened on: “It is ‘If you can’t run, walk. It you can’t walk, crawl. But by all means, keep moving.’ Dr. Martin Luther King.’”

     The delivery now sounded smooth. No one would ever have to know about the flubbed outtake.

     Then I segued into my guest, Ella.

     The show was now rolling.


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