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THE CALL TO SHAKABAZZ (www.wozabooks.com and legacyaudiobooks.com and KALILAH (legacyaudiobooks.com). See more information below:  

Title: The Call to Shakabaz
ISBN-13: 978-0-9779883-9-6
Media Type: CD Listen: 
Price: $29.95  

The Call to Shakabaz
Written by: Amy Wachspress
Read by: Andrew L. Barnes and Adilah Barnes


A highly original fantasy adventure, The Call to Shakabaz sidesteps many of the usual conventions of the genre and offers instead unusual and creative resolutions to a variety of sticky situations. When the recently orphaned Goodacre children are transported to the land of Faracadar, they must discover and develop their special talents if they hope to retrieve the powerful Staff of Shakabaz and rescue the land from the malevolent enchanter Sissrath. Set in an African American cultural context, with all brown characters, this story offers a refreshingly different perspective on adventuring in make-believe lands.

The Call to Shakabaz challenges readers of all ages to reconsider the nature of violence while it demonstrates the fundamental principles of nonviolence as practiced by Dr. King and Gandhi. When the dust clears, this book will inspire readers to think and think again. In the meantime, it is way too much fun! A rollicking good read for the whole family!  


April 3-4, 2004

Old Navy in-house Industrial played in Old Navy stores nationwide during 10th Anniversary .




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