What Celebrities Are Saying


Toni Braxton

"Not only have I always admired Adilah's performing abilities, but I've come to respect and value her teachings as well. Her methods made her instruction more accessible to me, helping me to understand what acting is really all about. Her spirit is energetic and nurturing and I am lucky to have had her as a guide and friend on my jump from performing as Toni Braxton in music videos to bringing life to complex characters in full-blown motion pictures."

D.C. Curry
(Next Friday)

"A journey can be not so bad and even enjoyable if you  have good directions. Adilah has given those directions to many of us and has helped remove the mysteries and redefine the purpose of this acting journey. I've come to know that you can never master acting and therefore the pursuit of perfection, the acting journey, is one that never ends. Thanks to Adilah for navigating ahead of us and reaching back to share the map that she's constructed with the experience she's accumulated. I am eternally grateful that I had the pleasure of your teaching. Your lessons have inspired me to enjoy the journey and given me the direction to do it. Work in Peace!"

Marla Gibbs
(The Jefferson's)

"Recognizing that on one's own terms is in sync with being on God's terms, I applaud you for recognizing the path, following it and succeeding. Love, faith, health, wealth and joy in 2002 and beyond."

Danny Glover
"The Color Purple"

"I've known Adilah since the 70's when we were both part of the theatre scene in the Bay area. Not only is she an actor I respect for her well-crafted work, I also tip my hat for what she's contributed to the theatre community in both Los Angeles and the Bay Area. In both Cities, she made things happen by starting organizations that supported actors."

Anna Maria Horsford

"Adilah's passion behind her commitment is rarely seen in : show business today. She brings an entire community to The  witness her success as an actor and producer."

Ella Joyce (Roc)

Adilah is truly a gifted peer, who is able to share her gifts, and to inspire and stimulate others to explore their inner writing talents.  I think she performed a minor miracle on me. 

Ted Lange

(Love Boat)

"Adilah is an actress of uncompromising power and  intelligence. When she takes on a role, she uses her great Director) skill as a communicator combined with her natural insight, into the heart of people. She is a wonder to behold and a delight to see, whether in film or on stage. I admire her talent immensely."

Delroy Lindo
(Malcolm X)

"In all the years that I've known Adilah, she has always  approached the craft with the utmost professionalism, care and a beautiful understated sensitivity, which is a pleasure to watch."

Kym Whitley
(The Parkers)

"Adilah is intense, she's not easy, but she never gives up on  you and pulls out your best."

Hattie Winston

"Adilah is a woman with tremendous strength, tenacity,  love and talent. She is a woman committed to making things happen and she does. We do well to mirror her actions."

the late
Roscoe Lee Browne

("Two Trains Running" Broadway)

"Adilah is a radiant, warm and intelligent presence!"