What Others Are Saying



Good Morning Auntie,

I just want to say that you book so far (I'm through page 47) is amazing. I'm learning so much about you and of course our family that I haven't had the privilege to learn about before reading this. I was on the bus this morning and I had to stop on Page 47 learning about uncle Hollis attending college and getting his Social Work degree then changed careers and getting into and graduating from Law school. (I'm on the same path of changing careers (3rd time)) Made me cry, I mean I really cried on the bus this morning. Maybe due to the fact that it has also been 2 years since Daddy has passed away. But how lucky I am to have such a wonderful line of family and its all written down in your wonderfully written book.

Well I thought I ought to share this with you. Now back to work I go.

Love you lots,